The Graston Technique for Soft Tissue Therapy and Back Pain Management

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There is a close relationship between neural parts and the muscles of your body. Essentially, the neural elements relate to your brain and the nervous systems. Muscles rely on the neural parts for coordination and command, enabling you to execute basic activities like bending and walking. The close relationship between the neural and muscle functions means that brain and nerve disorders can affect the working of the muscles. Soft tissues can also malfunction in the wake of neural illnesses, considering the close relationship with the muscles. Here is a discussion on the Graston technique used by chiropractors for soft tissue and back pain therapies:

The Graston Technique Defined

The Graston technique refers to a manual therapy method. It uses an instrument to enhance the mobilisation of muscles and soft tissues. It is among the numerous chiropractic techniques that rely on tools to carry out a massage and gentle scraping of the skin. Typically, the objective of the Graston technique is to break down the restrictions and scars resulting from trauma to the soft tissues and the muscles. A pulled ligament and strained muscle are a good example. The therapy also aims at creating a suitable healing environment for the injured tissues.

The Working Mechanism of the Graston Technique

Chiropractors use six instruments when executing the Graston technique. The concave- and convex-shaped stainless steel tools have round edges to prevent injuries and offer a suitable surface for scanning over your body. By the time the practitioner finishes the process, the tools will have identified all injured areas and delivered the required treatment.

The therapeutic Graston technique involves a cross-friction massage with rubbing and brushing over the scar tissues. Your chiropractor will incorporate a little trauma to the affected area to trigger minor inflammation. The inflammation is essential for increasing blood flow to the area, which is necessary for proper healing. Overall, your chiropractor will offer treatment along a kinetic line. This means that a patient with back pain also gets treatment for closely related parts such as the abdomen, hip flexors, shoulders and the hamstrings.

What More Should You Expect?

Apart from the treatment process discussed above, don't expect additional medication to treat your fibrous muscles and tissues. Secondly, you might also take on some physical activities such as walking lightly on a treadmill. The light exercise prepares the muscles and tissues for the treatment procedures. Lastly, you should also expect heat treatment or ultrasound to the affected area as part of the preparation process.

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