Common Remedial Massage Myths You Should Ignore

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Have you been experiencing chronic lower back pain or neck strain? One of the treatment options you can consider today is remedial massage. This form of massage will relieve the pain, thanks to the pressure your therapist will apply to your deeper tissues. In fact, the benefits associated with the massage have made this technique very popular today.

However, most people are still misinformed and think that remedial massage is uncomfortable or painful. Others don't even believe that the massage can work. Well, whether you have heard about all these rumours or not, this post will be debunking some of the popular remedial massage myths.

Remedial massage is painful

While remedial massage is designed to be somewhat intense because the therapist is working on the deep tissues, you don't necessarily have to feel pain. Usually, the level of pain one experiences is determined by the damage in your muscles. Nonetheless, you shouldn't experience a lot of pain during the session to the extent of getting tensed or pulling away whenever your therapist tries to touch you. A good therapist knows how to exert the right amount of pressure on your tissues to ensure you benefit from the massage and feel more relaxed after the session. Remember that painful remedial massage doesn't mean that the therapist is doing a great job—it could be counterproductive and have adverse effects.

One session is enough and will fix your problems

It is wrong to think that one remedial massage session is all you require to feel better. Generally, massage is like exercise—the more you do it, the greater the results. You cannot exercise for a day or even two and think that you'll achieve your weight loss goals instantly. The only way to get good results is by incorporating your workout routine into your daily lifestyle. The same thing applies to massage. If you want to enjoy all the benefits that are linked to remedial massage, you need to be committed. Keep visiting your therapist even after you start feeling better to get the full benefits.

Bruising is not a bad thing

It's a popular myth that one has to expect bruises after a remedial massage, but this is just a misconception. You shouldn't have to deal with bruising after a massage since its pretty complex. When you get bruised, it could mean that your blood vessels or deep tissues are broken, and this will cause more harm than good. So when you get bruised after the massage, do not hesitate to talk to your therapist. This allows them to fix the problem and be less aggressive during the next session. 

For more information, reach out to a remedial massage service.

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